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 EXHIBITIONS      2021  EMERGENCE. Rise Art. Soho, London


2020 MK CALLING 2020. MK Gallery, Milton Keynes

2019  CONVERGENCE. MA Fine Art Degree Show. University of Northampton

MA FINE ART STUDIO SHOW. Avenue Campus, University of Northampton

INTERMISSION. Grosvenor Centre, Northampton

QUICKLY MOVING. NN Contemporary, Northampton


2018 CVAN PLATFORM GRADUATE AWARD. MK Gallery, Milton Keynes

RISING STARS. Coombe Gallery, Dartmouth

FREERANGE. Truman's Brewery, Brick Lane, London

DEGREE SHOW. Avenue Campus, University of Northampton, Northampton

2017  ROOTS. Avenue Gallery, Northampton

      PUBLICATIONS      2022 Simulated: Quasi-Human Artefacts of Post-Digital Data Generation [Paper]

       & TALKS               Robinson, C. Painting, Photography and the Digital: Crossing the Borders of the Mediums.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing

2021  Simulated: Quasi-Human Artefacts of Post-Digital Data Generation [Artist Talk]

DigitalPaintingPhotography International Symposium

2019  The Artist and Herself: A Dialogue on Reflection

         WithoutEnd Symposium 2019: Breaching Discourse. Postgraduate Research Symposium


      AWARDS      2018  [Shortlisted] CVAN Platform Graduate Award. Nominated by MK Gallery 

      BIBLIOGRAPHY      2021  Thomas, D. Ferrer, S. Digital Life. VAINE Magazine, Issue no.04. August 2021

2018  Staff, C. Resurfacing the Past: Art-Historical Baggage, Painting and Pedagogy.

         Teaching Painting: Teaching the New Conference. Royal Academy, London

Abbie Schug is a visual artist based in Suffolk, UK, whose research considers the translation of visual data between painterly and digital interface-based medias. Her primary concern is the visual representation of the human being and the mediation of this data through mechanism, media and mind.

Her ongoing body of work titled After the Image oversees the creation of “virtual beings” - painted translations of data that visually resembles the human being. This practice of metarepresentation consciously addresses the natural and mechanical mediation of visual data, the abstract genealogy of images, and the co-dependancy between artist and interface. 

Influenced by Science-Fiction cinema and literature, Schug is currently translating images of quasi-human computer-generated simulations to question the reflective characteristics of painterly and digital interfaces, and further how self-projection generates quasi-being. Schug’s “virtual beings” exist as a hybrid of painted, photographic and digital media; counteracting the instancy of digital culture to develop a conscious awareness of the inherent illusionism of image-making processes and its remnants.

Schug is a graduate of the University of Northampton with BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting and Drawing (2015 - 2018) and MA Fine Art (2018 - 2019).

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