"Through the desire to represent a reality, one can hope for something resembling truth but it is one's own responsibility to choose that truth" - Jasper Johns

Born in Suffolk, 1997. Schug works from her studio in rural Suffolk, England.


Her practice has evolved to find interest in the act of representation. Exploring the relationship between the real and the non-real through the translation of data in painterly studies- Investigating the anatomy of the image whilst questioning the nature of viewing.


A digital image does not exist in the same sense as oneself, it is not naturally physical and acts merely as a visual translation of data. Looking at a digital image of a person - although they may look human, it does not make them 'real' - a pretense of life that becomes animated within the inanimate. Being consciously aware of this inhuman encounter becomes both haunting and empty.

The trust the viewer owes to the artist of presenting a truthful representation of reality is questioned, and the opportunity to question the subjective nature of viewing.

Working within painting, drawing, printmaking, animation and photography; Schug primarily applies her love of traditional techniques to create oil paintings of solarised digital screens displaying photographs, to discuss the inhuman and distanced nature of screens.

The resulting images capture a paradoxical state between the physical investment and instant digital culture. The arising questions of uniqueness, ownership and presence are ever the more relevant within contemporary society.





2018 - 2019 MA Fine Art. University of Northampton

2015 - 2018 BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting and Drawing. University of Northampton

2018 [Shortlisted] CVAN Platform Graduate Award. Nominated by MK Gallery

2020 MK CALLING 2020. MK Gallery, Milton Keynes

2019 CONVERGENCE. MA Fine Art Degree Show. University of Northampton

2019 MA FINE ART STUDIO SHOW. Avenue Campus, University of Northampton

2019 INTERMISSION. Grosvenor Centre, Northampton

2019 QUICKLY MOVING. NN Contemporary, Northampton


2018 CVAN PLATFORM GRADUATE AWARD. MK Gallery, Milton Keynes

2018 RISING STARS. Coombe Gallery, Dartmouth

2018 FREERANGE. Truman's Brewery, Brick Lane, London

2018 DEGREE SHOW. Avenue Campus, University of Northampton, Northampton

2017 ROOTS. Avenue Gallery, Northampton


2018 REPRESENTING A REALITY. Undergraduate Dissertation